Hair With Style

I think that I have had the same hair style for the past ten years. Is that bad? I have been going to the same hair stylist for that amount of time, and I have never asked for a hair change. Some people are always changing the style of their hair. I admire that. I stick with what I know.

At one point my hair stylist told me that I would look good with a "bob" style cut. I was up for a change but my husband was not. When I asked him his thoughts to a short cut, he gave a resounding thumbs down. This was due in part to the fact that in a former relationship, I had short hair.

That former relationship person liked my hair short. My husband must equate the short hair to the former short guy from the other relationship, and thus prefer my hair longer. I'm fine with that.

My daughter wears her hair in a ponytail every day. She either braids the ponytail, wears the ponytail straight, or puts the ponytail up in a claw clip. I have only seen her hair down, and straight, twice in three years.

Although her her hair looks fabulous straight down, sleek, and natural, she claims that when her hair is down it looks flat and stuck to her head. Perception is odd.

My hair always looks flat and stuck to my head. That is what a good tease and bottle of hairspray are for. I think that I use every volumizing hair product known to woman. Three cheers for great hair products?

Ten years from now I will probably have the same hair style, and that's okay. I just hope that in ten years from now, my daughter isn't still wearing her hair in a ponytail. It looks so great when it is straight down, flat, and stuck to her head.


I just read like, 5 posts, and I am all caught up. How did i get that behind? anyway, I don't like scary, either. I've seen the pendulum swing from Halloween in churches to NO Halloweenareyoucrazy? Back to, "Oh, don't be so uptight, man." I don't like Halloween. Period. But I do like your hair.
Denise said…
i do like your hair, but looking at your picture at the right, a bob would look good too (with the right styling product to give it some umph!)

my husband is a short hair guy.

and when my hair was long i wore it up everyday, why do we do that?

so since you have been with the same hairstylist for 10 yrs do you give her christmas presents?
doe she give you christmas product.
i have never been in a lasting committed relationship with a stylist, and have never gotten christmas gifts. but i know people who do. it is during the holidays i wish i were faithful to a stylist.