Gold Chains and Pinky Rings

My husband has never been into jewelry. He wears his wedding ring every day, and only takes it off when he showers. When we were dating he used to wear a gold watch, but ever since the mobile phone phenomenon, he no longer wears a watch.

I am not that particularly into jewelry either. Don't get me wrong, I love my engagement and wedding rings and they never leave my finger unless I happen to be undergoing surgery. On my right hand I have a stack of four different bands which sit on my middle finger, signifying my four children. I would be hard pressed removing these. They are very stuck.

I often wear fun necklaces, but never earrings. I have no gold bracelets, diamond cocktail rings, or diamond earrings. I have my eye on a watch, but it is green and rubber, the complete opposite of gold with diamonds.

I think that people would point at me and laugh if they saw me in any gold and diamonds past my wedding rings. Fancy jewelry doesn't fit my personality, but if someone decided to send my a box of gold and diamonds, it wouldn't be returned.

I recently encountered a man who evidently loves jewelry. He not only had gold chains around his neck, but he had three rings on each of his hands. Three. I was so confused with all the bling that I don't even know if one of the rings was on his left ring finger signifying that he was married.

The woman that was with "Ring Guy" had a lot of jewelry too. Perhaps they own a jewelry store. I believe that it is a prerequisite for owning a jewelry store. You have to wear your products, or at least appear to love gold and diamonds. I suppose that I could never own a jewelry store.

I'm thrilled that my husband doesn't require that his hands and neck be covered in gold and diamonds. They aren't in our budget. He does, however, love to read the newspaper every day, and that we can afford.


Denise said…
i wear rings stacked up for my children too. their names are engraved on the inside.

i'm not a big jewelry person either, BUT have you seen lisa leonards designs? i love my l.l. necklace.
Sarah Markley said…
i happen to like greem rubber watches.