Giddy About Pancakes

I'm giddy. I get to meet my husband for breakfast at my favorite "breakfast out" restaurant, The Original Pancake House.

I rarely get to eat pancakes from The Original Pancake House but when I do, I never deviate from my usual plate of 49'ers. These thin, gooey, plate wide, pancakes come stacked with gobs of whipped butter and a side of warm maple syrup. They would make an outstanding dessert as well.

I always begin to devour my plate full of pancakes with all intention of finishing my entire serving, however, about one third of the way through, I come to a screeching halt. I cannot eat another bite, and it makes me mad.

Saving what is left and reheating the pancakes at home isn't an option. It is just not the same as going to the restaurant, without children, sipping hot coffee, and having uninterrupted time alone with my pancakes and husband.

I have also heard great things about Waffle House. I'm sure that Waffle House would make me giddy too, however, I have yet to eat there. I do though, love waffles.


Sarah Markley said…
waffle house is good - but you have to go to georgia to get some.

we LOOVVVE the pancake house too! =)
Eve said…
I'm trying to diet and your post is making my mouth water. I love pancakes too with warm syrup.