Garden Tools

I'm considering the use of a leaf blower to rid the inside of my of all the "stuff" that has accumulated. If I attempted the use of a vacuum cleaner I may break the appliance and then my home would drown in a sea of dust bunnies and Cheese It crumbs.

I know that with four children darting in and out of my car during the week, things gather and sit, but the task of removing all that does not belong in my car, is daunting.

The outside of my car is filthy too. When my own children mention the fact that they cannot see out of the windows, I would venture to guess that a good car washing is in order. However, my phobia with washing my car is this: the moment that I do either wash my car with my own hands, or pay someone to wash my car, a sudden rainstorm with emerge and my car will be dirty again. I know this from experience. It happens every time.

And so it goes, my car is dirty, the inside is a mess, and all will remain as is. If and when I get a new car, I will purchase a vehicle which only seats two people, my husband and me. No children will ever be allowed inside my car, ever, unless they enter the car completely sterilized, and without anything that can be left behind.

Is that asking too much?

Tomorrow's post= A live video of hair removal using Gorilla Glue Tape. Mark your calendars!!


Denise said…
we californians need rain. maybe your not washing the car is withholding rain from the rest us. you should wash it, for california.
just give me a heads up, so i know when to get out the umbrellas and rain coats.
My van is a pit. HUGE pit. :)
Anonymous said…
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