Some and Others

Some children don't always play well with others especially in group settings. Some are the 400 watt lightbulb in a world of moths.

Some children like to be alone and gather energy from being away from people. Some children love crowds and their energy level increases as they encounter the masses.

Some children watch television and read books to relax and unwind. Some are outdoors constantly and cannot settle down for a moment, even when they sleep.

Some children relish in the thought of trying new foods and beverages consuming the banquet of culinary choices our world has to offer. Some children eat the same foods over and over again, content with sameness and all things ordinary.

Some children are motivated by money and will do a multitude of chores as long as the reward is cold, hard, cash. To some children money is secondary to activity and outings with family and friends - sleepovers, and playmates.

Some children switch shirts every hour and hope, in light of of their gregarious grabbing of clothing, that something, anything matches. Some children wear the same things every day which are color coordinated, and their options rarely vary.

Some children are meticulously organized and creative, finishing assignments on time, or before the time that they are due, while others are messy, and lazily get through assignments, if they can locate the assignment underneath the teetering pile of chaos.

Some children are leaders, some hate to be led.

Some children love activity, some love to be still.

Some children finish a task immediately, while others struggle.

Some children laugh at every joke, some tell jokes all day long.

Every child is different.

Every human is different.

This makes for an exciting world, frustrating at times, yet exciting.


Denise said…
i really like this post. all those children are mine in some way or another (some are me).
i think it is interesting that God tells us to "bear with one another."
He knew we'd have to, because He has designed us each so uniquely, for His glory and pleasure.

i want to embrace differences. i know i need my quirky uniqueness to be embraced.