Bus Stop

I had to sit in front of a high school the other day and wait until all the kids were gone. I was checking out the building for a work assignment. I first noticed how many buses were sitting in the parking lot, three. In the OC, many of the high school students either walk to and from high school or get a ride, until the ripe age of 16 when they can drive themselves.

Seeing three buses made me feel bad for all of the kids that have to take the bus to high school. I was one of those kids. Although I don't remember it being an utterly traumatic experience, I'm sure it was. At the very least, I'm sure that it was humiliating. I do know that I couldn't wait to get my driver's license so that my bus days would be forever a memory.

My freshman year I walked to high school which I am sure was at least a mile from my house. At that time, everyone walked, everywhere.

My parents divorced after my freshman year of high school and I had to move to cow country, away from all of my friends. I was bitter. Add to that bitterness having to take the bus to school and wow, you get one unhappy teenager. Although that same year I got my braces off. The unhappiness was evened out.

These days, my kids think it would be a fun treat to be able to walk to school or take a bus. Honestly? They get a ride to and from school since their school is about 8 minutes, three and a half miles from our house. I'm sure that if they honestly had to take a bus or walk to school the joy would quickly diminish.

Thankfully I have moved on, and I'm completely over the bus thing. Currently I do not blame my mother for making me take the bus. She was a working divorced mom, she had no choice. However, I can still blame her for my cellulite. From what I understand, it's genetic.