Banana Not-so-Good Bread

I love banana bread. I love banana bread with walnuts inside. I love warm banana bread. I love to dip chunks of banana bread in coffee. I don't love store bought banana bread that doesn't taste sweet or fresh. I also don't love cold banana bread that has been sitting in the refrigerator.

I ventured out the other day and bought myself a cup of coffee from The Lost Bean. They had delicious looking slices of banana bread and rectangular shaped slices of lemon bar. Since my husband loves lemon bars, I bought him a lemon bar and treated myself to a slice of banana bread.

After tearing a corner off my banana bread and dipping it into my coffee, I frowned. The bread wasn't very banana-ish or sweet. I tried three more dips only to arrive at the same place in the disappointment line. Bummer.

I hate wasting good calories on bad banana bread. Next time I'll ask for a taste test prior to my purchase. Either that or stick with chocolate chip cookies. Those are hard to mess up, and, are even better when they are dipped into hot coffee.


Brad Huebert said…
Okay, Shauna has a totally kick-butt banana bread recipe. Like, moist-and-cholocately-and-very-banana-ey and ooh so good banana bread.

Gotta get me some!