Absolute Randomness

I feel like I need to get away. Not that I have a place in mind or the financial resources to “get away” it’s just an innate desire—actually not really a “need.”

I feel like summer came and went. Without the opportunity to “go and do” with the family very much, I’m feeling like we need a small family “weekend away.” Again, not that I have a place in mind, or the financial resources. The kids probably wouldn’t object to the idea, but they probably don’t feel the “need” like I do.

Feelings are weird. Just because we typically feel something doesn’t always legitimize necessity.

Feelings are fickle.

I need a new couch. I don’t “feel” like I want a new couch, I need one.

I feel like I am in a funk. I have no reason to be in a funk, it is just a feeling, for now, for today.

Perhaps a good trip to the couch store, with the family, followed by a great dinner, and an overnight stay at the local KOA would take care of all my current funks and feelings.

Maybe, I should just count my blessings and quit complaining.

What a thought.


Laura Parker said…
Hey there! I live in Colorado and am a mom to three young ones and just entered the blogging/writing world. I loved your site. It was funny and real and inspirational. I will keep reading! Thanks!
Mel said…
I know what you mean. I am in a funk, too.
RachelMac said…
Amen!! I am there, too. I wonder if it's the changing seasons?
I love your blog!
Rachel in Idaho