15 Things

Here is fun list I created of the top 15 things you should hide when you are hosting Bunco/Play date/Cookie Lee/Creative Memories party at your house:

-101 recipes using a can of soup and a stick of butter

-dog/cat hair sculpture created by your children

-Parenting for Dummies book

-the pacifier your six year old still uses

-Sears Photo Studio 8 X 10 of yourself and your pet bunny from the early 90’s

-pile of laundry that was pulled from the washer and sat in the laundry basket for three days since the dryer was filled with clothes and now reeks of mildew

-the math paper you helped your sixth grader with, with a “D” clearly marked in red.

-14 cans of Spaghetti O’s labeled “Dinner Monday, Dinner Tuesday, Dinner Wednesday…”

-microwave oven with residual goo from a bowl of tomato soup explosion

-Stained throw rug you use to cover your stained carpeting

-dark circles under your eyes from falling asleep in your daughter’s bed after she took over yours.

-treadmill that is currently being used as a clothesline for your delicates

-the citation you received for talking on phone while sipping hot coffee, and applying a coat of mascara

-g-string underwear with “Me So Hot” embroidered across the front

-the brown Christmas tree still sitting in your side yard

-DVD of the karaoke duet of Princess Jasmine's A Whole New World between you and your husband on your honeymoon. You are wearing a hot pick sateen cocktail dress and matching pick stilettos, with a pink headband and pick pearl necklace


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