Two's and Three's

I have been out of the twos and threes stage for three years now. For the mathematician that desires perfection, 2 years and 4 months. My youngest child turned 5 at the end of May.

I recently helped in the 2 and 3 year old group at church. One crier needed to go for a walk in the stroller so I offered some assistance since I was recently certified to volunteer in the Children's Ministry. The crier knew that I was a stranger so wasn't pleased when I took over stroller duty.

We walked to the playground so that she could see her brother, and when I ventured toward the bark filled play area another boy grabbed my leg, so I picked him up. We chatted for a while until he saw something more exciting than the three buttons on my blouse.

Another boy needed me to hoist him up to the second level of the climbing area while another needed a lift to reach a bar he wanted to dangle from.

One girl needed help with her shoes and when I attempted to shove them onto her feet, I realized that they weren't her shoes. I kept asking, "Are these your shoes?" She just repeated what I said, "Shoes? Yours? Shoes?" I may have been speaking a foreign language - adult speak.

When we returned from the playground to the classroom, the "stroller crier" started in again. I shoved a cup filled with Nilla Waffers in her hand and got out some bubbles. Thankfully the sugar and entertainment worked for her, but another boy needed constant deterrents from another worker.

I was reminded of the energy surrounding a 2 or 3 year old which side cars their constant motion. I was reminded of the fact that they need to be properly fed and watered. They need their shoes put on and they spill their cups filled with water.

Veggie Tales only entertains them for ten seconds and bubbles for another 15. Their diapers need changing, their hands need to be washed, and some of them enjoy listening to books while others like toy trains, yet all of the children are excited when they see their parents faces at the door and the workers are equally excited.

Surprisingly enough I left from my temporary duty energized and not completely exhausted. This was due in part to the fact that all of the children were returned to their parents and none of them came home with me.


Sarah Markley said…
if you want mine for awhile, you can have her!! =)
Sara said…
Oh yes! I have been avoiding helping out in our church's childcare because I'm still in it. Nick is about to turn 4 in Jan. but we are still potty training...But as the days go by and that light gets closer my heart starts aching for the holding/needy stage again.
Brad Huebert said…
Yup. Giving them back to parents is part of the fun. Get 'em all sugared up, and let 'em go.
jennalee said…
Hey Linda- just stoppin by, dinner was fun last night.