Monday, September 15, 2008

Text Spam

Has it really come to this? In addition to deleting unsolicited emails from my inbox, am I also going to have to delete unwanted text messages?

The other day I received the following text message from an unknown sender:
sup, i found out about u, and i wanted to say hi. Ummm, I'm, kinda quiet. So maybe you come check me out online. I have a profile at


I had to take a shower after I read that.

I hope that Mr. Date Shake stays far away from me. Otherwise, I will get my husband, four children, and mother after him. They are a brutal bunch.


Brad Huebert said...

Yuck. Yeah, every once and awhile I get those emails too. From the pit, I tell you!

Sarah Markley said...

how funny. date shake. they sell those on the way to palm springs.

like a malt.

blog BeliBuy said...

your problem almost same as me, i'm wanna write it in my blog. Sorry maybe u don't understand my blog language

Donnyboy said...

I have received the same email,what is this world coming too

Anonymous said...

i had gotten a text message to from a unknown msg it said wassup i heard about you, and just wanted to say hi. umm, i'm kinda unsure so how about you come find me online. i have a profile at sent sunday november 16th at 11:48am

Avery said...

I just received the same message today... it said... Hey! I heard 'bout u, and i wanted to say hi. Umm, I'm kinda shy, so why dont you come find me online. I have a profile at

WHAT THE HECK?!?!? But it was from someone... caitling6pa39... who was yours from?

Anonymous said...

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