I am good at some things and not good at a lot of things.

I could never audition for “America’s Got Talent” even though, after watching the “top 10” episode last night, neither should some of the folks in the top ten. Sorry, you really cannot sing that well people.

If they had a show titled, “Mom’s Got Talent” I would definitely audition.
Aside from my amazing talent of being able to skate backward really fast, I can also braid hair (although not French braid), grill some chicken breasts and only burn one of them, macramé, water indoor plants so that they don’t die, vacuum the carpet while at the same time shout at the kids to lift up their feet, and add oil to my car.

I also have the uncanny ability to locate any lost clothing item within 10 minutes, add a picture to a blog post, and make up a song to go with our address so that my children can learn the address quicker.

I make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and have my “secret” recipe committed to memory. I can whip up a Chinese Chicken Salad in just three trips to two different stores, can remove the smudgiest of smudges from the rubber top of a Converse high top with my Magic Eraser, and blow a double bubble with one piece of bubble gum.

I can wash and dry a PE uniform in one hour, look someone in the eyes and appear to be listening while typing an email, turn on my iPod, sharpen a package of pencils at 10:00 at night without waking up any children, and form a shopping list just by imagining myself perusing the isles of Target and picturing the items needed on the shelves.

I cannot do the splits, dance, sing, play an instrument, or juggle, but, you have to admit, I have an amazing list of talent.


jenni said…
i can also backward skate really fast......wanna race?
Denise said…
and now i know how to get the goo off of my converse! your a talented genius.

i can't backward skate fast..i can at snail pace.
Mel said…
You totally rock.

At least I can French braid.