Saved by Twitter

What the Twitter?

What is Twitter? Twitter is a "social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging." I was signed up to subscribe to my bosses twitter so every few hours my phone will receive a text message from him giving an update on what is going on in his life at that moment. I Twitter as well, but I don't think anyone cares or is signed up for my account.

Twitter is the rage around my office among the younger folk and a few of us older folk. I however, am still am partial to blogging and Facebook.

Anyway, now that that is out of the way - I was leaving the office and came to the first signal. I was going to go straight and the light was red. I quickly grabbed my phone to check for any messages and noticed that I had a new text message, usually a Twitter from my boss. I read what he had to say, and as I looked up I realized that my light had turned green. Thankfully no one was behind my car honking for me to get going.

As I began to accelerate passed the middle of the intersection, a white SUV came speeding from the right and speed right in front of my car, running their red light. I crossed the intersection in slight shock of what had just happened.

If I had not checked my text message, I would have noticed the green light immediately and began crossing the intersection. The car speeding passed the red light would have hit my car at top speed and a bad accident would have ensued.

I paused and thanked God for not only protecting me, but sending me the Twitter and giving me the opportunity to stall a bit before traversing through the intersection.

I was saved by Twitter. Whew.


Eve said…
Wow! It is those minor moments that really do matter. I'm happy you got that Twitter msg too!
"I was saved by Twitter." I'm sure that is a sentence you have never envisioned yourself writing/saying. Next there will be billboards saying, "Twitter saves!"
Brad Huebert said…
Wow, that's amazing. Praise God! So glad you're in one piece, friend.
Denise said…
wow! that is all i got.