I was stopping the car and shouting, "Stop it!!" at 8:05 a.m. I guess since I was up at 6:00 a.m. given the fact that I was able to wait two hours to yell, and not the typical 2 minutes is good, however, we had only been in the car for two minutes when the yelling began. My front tires were still in the driveway as I backed out the car.

"He said it AGAIN!!!" my littlest one shouted. The middle mister is smiling as if he had just be given the award for "pushing the correct button on his brother." "Carsy, Carsy, Carse Carse...I hate when he calls me that!!" The youngest is still shouting. "Now he is smiling at me!!!!" Still shouting. "I'm just singing" the middle retorts.

"Stop it!!" I shout. We are off to a great start. Of all the days.

I have to be in the office, a 25 minute drive from school, at 9 and school starts at 8:25. My husband had to drive to San Diego and left at 7:30 and he typically would have taken the boys to school for me.

At 7:45 I discovered my daughters PE uniform in a wet pile in the washing machine after she had already left for school.

On the way to school, my son sends some email replies for me from my phone and at noon I discover that he needs another course in spelling and now I look like an illiterate for all of the misspellings. There is no spell check on PDA's.

After I drop off two for school I have to drive to the high school to drop off the PE uniform which is still a bit damp from the short dryer visit. (Yea, I do that so she doesn't get an "F" for the day in PE. I may be crazy). I park in "staff" parking next to a cop car and pray that no one cares. I carry my five year old all the way into the administration building. The entire walk he make me promise that he doesn't have to say "hi" to anyone.(yes, I carry him to expedite the journey. I said that I may be crazy.)

I still have to drop off my 5 year old at my mother-in-laws house and then drive to work for a 9:00 appointment. The clock is teetering at 8:45.

I arrive to work 15 minutes late for my appointment. Not entirely a big deal. All parties understood.

Of all the days. I hope that my husband doesn't ever plan on leaving the house before 8:30 again. As if.


Denise said…
i think it was just one of those days.
i'm glad mine are out for the evening, i need down time.

your a good mom, taking her uniform.
so nice!
Sara Carmichael said…
Great story. I laughed throughout. I don't have near the crazy, harried days with my little ones yet, but I TOTALLY understand what you were going through. Wow.
Mel said…
Oh, fun.

My sons call my daughter ("Gracie") GRAVY just to make her scream.

Don't you just hate mornings like that?