Not All and Barely Some

I am struggling with the fact that I am completely incapable of doing it all.

Although I need to clean the house other things take precedence. I am reminded of my filthy floors each time I step in a small spot of sticky residue from my big mister's orange juice making escapade left over from last Thursday however, carving out 4 hours to dust, mop vacuum, and scrub, gets shoved to the bottom of the list.

The mail is piled high, the blogging is happening later in the day, and any amount of "sitting to relax" is completely out of the question. I am currently looking at a pile of 19 magazines. Who has time for magazines? I got many of them at a discount but, really?

The days fly by and my "to do" list gets longer and longer. 2:45 will be here in an instant, pick up kids, then off to a party at Chuck E. Cheeses.

The deep sigh I heard from you in regards to the party at Chuck's place should be replaced with a "good for you!" I don't have to make dinner tonight, and for the price, of a Target gift card, my kids get fed dinner and dessert, the typical "witching hour" between 3 and 6 is going to be replaced with tokens, games and chocolate cake, and the very best part is the fact that I get to sit and socializing with adults for three hours.

Something has to go. I cannot do it all. I refuse to do it all. I refuse to wake up at 5:00 a.m. in order to accomplish it all, so I am choosing to be content with that which I can do.

I remain in God's Word, and give my to do list to Him. He doesn't mind waking at 5:00 a.m.


Jodie Howerton said…
I say hire a housekeeper. Seriously. Cut out fast food, shave those gift cards by 5 bucks each and you can have someone clean the floor...

I hear your, oh how, can we do it all?
Brad Huebert said…
Yeah, really.

I'm reminded that while in Christ, I can do all things, Christ doesn't ask me to do all things.
Denise said…
oh, you are funny!
i did let out a sigh when you mentioned chucks. ick the pizza, but kids will eat anything, and yeah no cooking and avoiding the "witching hour" i get it!