Nature's Fury

He is obsessed. One day he just has to become a naturologist. There is not such thing as a naturologist but it sounds important and nature-ish.

My youngest cannot stop talking about the forces of nature. He constantly questions me about hurricanes, tornadoes, thunder storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes. All throughout his day he queries about where hurricanes are, if our coastal waters have volcanoes, when the next thunder storm is going to burst from our skies, and just which states are the ones that have tornadoes.

It all started in July when he experienced his first southern California earthquake. I may have reacted a bit too much and scared him. From then on he cannot stop thinking about different forces of nature, and lives in fear of being caught in any type of harsh force of nature.

Yesterday he wanted me to buy him a book called "Eruption" a story about volcanoes. We have read it twice in twelve hours. He just drew a beautiful picture of a red hot volcano with a guy on the side of it "studying" the lava. Actually the guy is sliding down the lava. He isn't getting burned because he is wearing shoes. Good idea, shoes.

Now he tells me he is going to be an artist. Who knows, maybe my nature guy will draw what he is studying. Maybe he will make happy faces on receipts at Costco, maybe he will lead worship at his church.

For now he is gathering every speck of information possible about volcanoes. I may end up knowing more than I ever needed to, or wanted to about volcanoes, but it beats knowing every type of construction vehicle known to man. That was last year's obsession.


Sarah Markley said…
i am totally with him. i am obsessed with tornados and tsunamis.

i like the girl who does the costco happy faces. its a noble occupation!
Sara Carmichael said…
Hi, I'm a friend of Sarah's (above). Just started blogging a month or so ago. I love your writing...easy, candid. I like how you started this post with "he" with no hint at who it is until later. Clever!