My Oh My Oh Magazines

I have subscriptions to approximately 7 magazines. The reason for the massive amount of subscriptions is not because boredom fills my day and I can leisurely sit and read with no disruptions, or that I have a bunch of extra money which I enjoy spending on glossy magazines.

I have been given a discount on most of the magazines. I pay only $5.00 for a year subscription. Now that is a bargain. The only legitimate, full price magazines are Today's Christan Women. Real Simple, and Cookie. Cooking Light was a gift and Family Circle, Women's Day, and Ladies' Home Journal were practically free. I imagine that you are absolutely riveted by this astounding information.

In my attempts to whittle away at my stack of 21 magazines dated back to July, I came across some interesting information. I cannot remember most of it, but it was interesting, from what I do remember.

One fact that I do remember is that newspaper absorbs odors. Handy. Every now and again, I shove a section of the newspaper into the trash can and viola! Odor free.

Perhaps I will uncover more exciting information as I continue to absorb the magazines a little faster by reading two at the same time. Beware. More fabulous fact to come.


Mel said…
I have to admit this. I have magazines from 2002 when my daughter was born. I plan to read them. I'm just not sure when.


p.s. Yes, please, call a cab. I'm ready to go to the loony bin.