Just My Type

I recently took a personality test. Self actualization is interesting. I found myself in defense mode on some of the issues that were raised, and on the opposite end, nodding my head with great force in agreeing with the words that described what makes me tick.

One thing for sure, with my type of personality, is the fact that I need to be married to a "help mate." Thankfully my husband is a huge help and we do not have to rush out to marriage counseling in order to combat my frustration with a husband that likes to just play all day, avoiding responsibility.

Rationals, my husband, need a "play mate." Not that kind! Well actually, he probably wouldn't complain if I were donning skimpy outfits and laying on top of black velvet curtains in a photo studio. However, I can discern that my husbands likes to "go" and "do" and "play" when he isn't "helping." I can appreciate some fun although I usually would rather, "stay." I have become a home body as my children have gotten older.

According to the test results, I also love, not like, love lists. Who can't appreciate a great list with hundreds of boxes to check off? I prefer sticky notes all over the place to an actual gigantic list however. My daughter, I love that girl, loves lists too. Together, we can write lists all day long and then go about our merry ways, checking off boxes and crossing out words. Pure joy. Mother daughter joy.

On the down side, my personality type tends to complain when things aren't going well. Okay, I can accept that. I'm working on it though. It seems that I am always working on something. Was that just a complaint?

For what it is worth, I now know myself a bit more than I did last week, but, I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. That shift just means that I have to add more to my "to-do" list in order to be socially acceptale and in the presence of others.

Sometimes it is just too much trouble to always be working on, or striving to be a better person. And, that of course is another complaint. This isn't going very well.


Sarah Markley said…
i haven't taken a personality test in so long. and i know that it changes as you age, etc. i am wondering what it would show now???

Denise said…
i too am wondering what my personality test would show.

so i't okay that i am female and my hubby is my "help mate." i mean i'm okay with it, he's okay with it, but i can think of a few people who'd flip their lids at the thought of it.

i don't know if i love lists, but i LOVE order. ahhh i think i love order more than chocolate. i'm sick, i know.

and, i've given up on working on myself. my aim is to be nothing. which is, okay, a lot to work at, but if i can get to that, then i don't have to be anything, and then Jesus has to be everything.

i sure had a lot to say on this topic.
Elizabeth said…
I'm guessing you are an ISFJ, like me!