i Don't iPod

I was given an iPod. Yes, given. A very generous gift. The main intent with the gift is to download staff meetings and pre-recorded "things I should listen to as a one month old staff member." I have noted the things I should listen to, however, that would entail taking my new iPod past the point of just turning it on.

In my attempts to move past the "power on" stage I noticed that my iPod is functioning with Japanese letters. My name section is in English, but the rest of the menu is, well foreign. That's how techie I am.

I accidental downloaded all of the songs from the play list of my children. I am not interested in their song choices, yet I am stuck with all of them until I can figure out how to purge them from my iPod.

I made check marks on the songs I wanted to keep on my iPod, but cannot delete the songs that I do not want.

I was told that I am severely lame if I cannot figure out how to make my iPod work properly. I take no offense. I am teetering on the side of lame and dysfunctional when it comes to electronics. Included on the list of things I suck at doing are Sudoku and crossword puzzles, although those are non-electronic.

For now, I will either have to be subjected to the top hits from Aly and AJ, or take a crash course in iPod functions for the lame and stupid. At this point in time I cannot decide.


Denise said…
let me know when your taking that crash course, i need it too.

my 10yr old could help you, he won't make fun of you..he hasn't made fun of me..yet!
Brad Huebert said…
Too funny!

You could just learn Japanese. Might be easier than mastering your technology!
Mel said…
I had to email the youth pastor for help. Actually, IM him. Because I am just that technologically savvy.
your blogs are hilarious. It brings a smile to my face knowing I'm not the only lame person in this country. I'm lucky on the ipod thing though my hubby is a geek, so he takes care of it. I can turn it on and off. the loading part is all him.