Commited to Memory

I am not very good at memorizing things. All things which are committed to memory are on a need-to-know basis. I don't need to memorize any one's mobile numbers because they are already programed into my phone. I think that everyne should have to wear a name badge, and although I have memorized the birthday's of my children, please do not ask me their birth weight or the time that they were born. Do I really need to memorize that?

Memorizing the name of a person is often difficult. Just the other day I said "hello" to a girl and called her by the name of her husband's ex-wife. Dang. No amount of backtracking could take fix my words so I said her real name about a dozen times in a three minute conversation - just for good measure.

I failed Spanish in high school although I evidently can cuss in the language just like a seasoned trucker.

Certain sayings will forever be stuck in my brain. These are useful, so I don't mind them setting up camp and staying for a while:

*Righty tighty, lefty loosey (for turnig screws and tight caps)
*Cooking rice? Water's twice (1 C of rice to two C water)
*I before E except after C,or in sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh.

I know the names of my children and our family members. I know my address and phone number. I now my driver's license number and social security number, and I know my PIN number. For now, that should suffice.


Mel said…
I do not know my driver's license number.

Just FYI.