Brush and Floss Daily

My husband invested in an Oral B electric toothbrush to deter stuff from sticking in places, and more thorough cleansing in the mouth area. I suppose.

I like the old fashioned toothbrush with three rows of bristles and that doesn’t spin or alert me when it has been 30 seconds, 1 minute, 90 seconds, and 2 minutes. I don’t like being on a time constraint. I have my own brain timer that doesn’t need to be meddled with so I use the automatic spin-a-thon brush in the evening and the handy, plastic, scrub-it-yourself brush in the mornings.

Since the electric toothbrush cost a bit of cash, I use it. The kids don’t love it, and, like myself, switch between the manual toothbrush and the electric.

My oldest son and I have the same old-fashioned toothbrush, in different colors. My manual toothbrush stays in my section of the drawer and his stays in his section of the drawer. They don’t get confused with each other that way. I don’t share my toothbrush. Ewe. If ever, and I pray it is never, find myself in a remote area with one toothbrush to share between my family, I would, before having to use it in my own mouth, scrub the toothbrush with soap and bleach, and scald it in 200 degree water, just for good measure.

Thankfully, I don’t see myself ending up on a deserted island with just my family and one toothbrush. As if a deserted island would have soap, bleach, and 200 degree water.

The other day my son and I were in the bathroom and he opened the drawer to grab his toothbrush.

“Who keeps moving my toothbrush to your section?”

“What? That’s my toothbrush, not yours.”

“Mom, mine is green, and yours is orange.”

“I thought mine was green.”

At this point my insides are gurgling at the mere thought that I have been using my son’s toothbrush, without proper sanitation, for the past week. Ewe.

After throwing up a little in my mouth because I am so grossed out, I grab my toothbrush which has fallen behind the toothpaste, out of sight, and grab the nearest Clorox Disinfectant wipe to scrub my tongue. I then re-brush my teeth with MY toothbrush.

My son then grabs the toothbrush that I just used on my teeth and proceeds to brush his teeth – without a stitch of grossing out.

I am confident that I will never be stuck on a deserted island with my family, and only one toothbrush. In that case, my teeth will just have to fall out.


Denise said…
you are funny, and i know i have told you that a number of times.
we got the electric tooth brushes in Feb. at the recommendation of our dental hygienist. they erked me for a while with all their buzzing, i'm use to it now. but i still go between the old fashioned kind and mr. electric.
i can't commit.