Seeing Purple

Even though I do not vote myself, "most fashion forward" I do know some things in regards to a wardrobe and shoes, I do love shoes. I'm sure that Clinton Kelly may throw up a little in his mouth if he had a gander at some of the things in my closet - I try, really I do.

In light of this information I do know this: When you are walking your dog down the street, you must never - yes never, wear a purple hat, purple eye shadow, a purple shirt matched with purple carpi's, and on your feet don purple socks with purple Crocs style shoes lined with purple colored fur. Where are those fashion police when you need them most? Actually, you may only wear that outfit when you are painting your house - purple.

I think that the women liked purple. I'm not sure about the dog. He was probably embarrassed.


Sarah Markley said…
I am embarrased just reading this.
Eve said…
Where was your camera when you needed it?
Amy said…
She was probably a furry monster from Sesame Street. That sounds like something they'd wear.
Denise said…
was it my mother!!??
i had a purple Christmas once. it was 1992 (i was living in my first apartment), my mother gave me purple striped pants, purple suede boots, a purple purse, lavender towels, a purple jacket...needless to say i returned EVERYTHING!
i probably used the $ to pay for rent.
Linda said…
You know, people who love purple are weird. I know this because I am one. It's like it becomes a cause. It's like purple lovers wear it loud and proud. I do not know why. Actually, I'm a fan of lavender moreso than vivid purple. I wonder if when I'm old I'll dress like that.