Wrong Move

I had a bout of laziness. I filled a bowl with cold spaghetti sauce and placed it in the microwave oven. I didn't feel like reaching the four feet required to grab a paper towel and place it over the bowl.

Truly, I figured that if I heated it for just the right amount of time it would not dance and bubble inside the microwave oven and cause a mad spatter of red sauce over the five exposed surfaces.

I didn't catch it in time. There was a mad splatter of red sauce covering the five exposed surfaces of my microwave oven. My laziness resulted in a three minute clean up. Sauce was everywhere.

I could have been one of those people who rarely cleans in innards of their microwave and lets the spattered food fester and harden over time. I could be one of those people who could open up their microwave and conduct a series of science experiments with the food attached to the walls and door. However, I'm the one who cleans up under people's plates while they are still eating. Not a great trait.

Next time I decide to heat something in the microwave that has splash and splatter tendencies I will remember to cover it with a paper towel, either that, or learn how to relax more and clean less.


Denise said…
my hubby splatter butter yesterday. he knows better than to leave splattered anything anywhere or he'll have to face the wrath of his loving o.c.d. wife.
you clean under one plate, i'll clean
under the other.