Where's my Purse?

I'm am at a constant stress about losing my purse. Actually I don't feel like I would actually lose my purse, the stress comes from thinking that I do not have an eye on it at every moment, it will be stolen. I am always checking for the whereabouts of my handbag.

I once left my purse on a plane in Chicago, 10 years ago. When I rushed back to get it, and the crew let me back on the plane, the men and women cleaning out the seat back pockets and overhead bins claimed that they had never seen it. Imagine that.

The time and frustration it takes to replace all that belongs in a purse is painful, and for that reason, I am always keeping close tabs on its location.

I even go so far as to slip it behind my feet while I am driving. I fear that if I place it on the seat next to me, someone may open the passenger side door and grab it while I am sitting at a stop light. I should lock the door right? I do, then I imagine someone breaking my window to grab the contents. As if this could all transpire at a single stop made in front of a traffic light. It is my little paranoid feeling.

None the less, I love my purse. I wish to keep all things in my purse. I shutter at the thought of ever having to replace all of the items in my purse; gift cards, pictures, driver's license, receipts, checkbook (yes, we still use a checkbook), and sunglasses. Note: I did not mention money. I hardly ever have more than 5 dollars tucked inside the pocket of my wallet.

I wish that purses made for a cute accessory, then I could just wear my purse around my neck. At that point, I would always know where it was, and no one could ever take it from me.


Becoming Me said…
I use to lose things like crazy. I was always leaving behind a purse or a camera or something. Now it is my keys
Lisa Diederichs said…
You're cracking me up!

My purse got stolen out of my car last year in my gym's parking lot. I cried for days. It's such a pain to replace everything. I was most upset about how much work, time and energy it was costing ME because of someone else's stupidity. Also, I freaked out knowing someone had my license with my home address on it. Scary! It was never found.


Here's the BEST part though, I had my planner in my purse, and in the back of the planner, I had a TO DO list. One of my 'to do's' was FILE FOR DIVORCE (I'm kidding, I really put that on a TO DO list). It brought me a bit a piece thinking "I hope whoever stole my purse read that and is feeling REALLY BAD!"

Keep that bad-boy close to you girlfriend!

Sarah Markley said…
my purse is so filled with junk that if I put it around my neck I would fall over. i can't even zip it.
Lisa Diederichs said…
I just have to say that I can't stand that I wrote "piece" instead of "peace" on my last comment. Jeez ... I hang out with 7-year olds WAY to much!