What's Worse?

I am the mother of two small boys who absolutely love Legos. They cannot put them together by themselves, so I am typically left administering construction.

My daughter missed the window on Polly Pocket so I am unfamiliar with Polly Pocket pieces. I am acutely familiar with Lego pieces. They are small, leave deep indentions on bare feet, small, hard to see, small, and seem to morph into more pieces overnight.

I'm in a quandary at to what is worse, Lego pieces all over the house, or Polly Pocket pieces all over the house. Here is my biased opinion since I have never had to deal with Polly Pocket pieces.

Legos make a loud noise in the dryer when they are left in pockets of pants. They cling-clang as the dryer drum turns round and around forcing me to pull every item of clothing out of the dryer until the microscopic "Lego-guy head" is located. Polly Pocket pieces are made of rubber and make no sound in the dryer.

When vacuumed up, Lego pieces replicate a box of opened nails being forced through the hoses. I feel like the vacuum cleaner is screaming at me, "Get these things outta here!" Polly Pocket pieces are soft rubber. The vacuum doesn't shout when they are sucked up the hose.

Legos are hard plastic, and leave holes in my feet when I step on top of them. Polly Pocket pieces do not leave gaping holes in tender feet.

Small Lego pieces are nearly impossible to locate on a whim. The couch plays home to countless amounts of Lego pieces which may never be retrieved. They are a choking hazard. Once a child plays with his Lego creation, it breaks, get thrown into a collection bin with other destroyed Legos, and never finds its original form again.

What's worse? In my humble opinion, I say Legos.


Brad Huebert said…
I have a confession to make.

I love nothing more than the sound of those infernal lego pieces tinkling their way into oblivion up the vacuum hose. Or the satisfaction of watching a Polly shoe getting slurped up, never to be seen again.

Never to be picked up again, is more like it. That's the real beauty of the moment.

I do, however, say a fake "Oops!" when it happens. Sometimes. Between fiendish grins.
Erin said…
I agree...and my son knows EVERY single Leggo he owns so his world ends when one miniscule sword is missing from his pirate set!
Sheila said…
I don't know Linda--I hurt my feel galore on Polly Pocket pieces! But maybe you're right!

By the way, you've been tagged. Come on over here to read the instructions!

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Sarah Markley said…
So funny. Hope hates to tear apart her lego buildings...lincoln logs too.