Tide Pools are not Jacuzzis

We, 60 kindergartners, 30 parents, 3 teachers, and I spent a gorgeous day at the beach yesterday. We climbed over rocks in order to enter a small cove which was void of the raucous waves that our shores can deliver. Although our group wasn't the only group inhabiting the cove, is was quite barren.

In addition to the calm waters, there are a few cave cutouts the children enjoyed investigating, and a handful of tide pools. Since the tide was low, the kids could peek inside the pools of water and investigate the marine life bustling around in the water. When they weren't running inside the caves, poking at sea urchins in tide pools, or swimming in the frigid water, they were digging in the sand. Great times.

One of the "others" had a group of three adults and some large and smaller children. One of the adults was a large, grandpa-ish, balding man. Evidently he decided that one tide pool, with it's sun-warmed water and shallow pool was a perfect fit for his backside. He plopped his body down, leaned back with relaxation in full swing, and settled upon a plethora of marine life scattering and dashing for their lives. Earth to grandpa, tide pools are not miniature Jacuzzis!

I wasn't happy. I wanted to snap a photo of him and put it next to the sign which reads, "Take nothing, leave only footprints" with a sticky note which reads, "that includes not leaving your butt in a tide pool."

I'm one of the farthest things from a tree hugger, but when you sit on perfectly harmless sea life I get a bit edgy. Tide pools are are not for large, grandpa butts, and I'm sure that the sea urchins and small fish would agree with me, that is, as long as there are still some left in the tide pool.


Sarah Markley said…
oh lord, i can't believe i didn't read you over the weekend.

you are my goddess of humor, if you don't count annie and mel.

i am still laughing...