No Thank You, Thank You Notes

I have no problem expressing my thanks. I am thankful when little people attend my son's birthday party and shower him will cool stuff that we don't have to purchase. I am also thankful that those same little people come to his party, participate in the activities, don't waste too much food, eat the cake, and don't complain. I love non-complainers and participators.

I have no problem with giving someone a gift and having them tell me thank you. I also do not have a problem when I send a treat in the mail, and the receiver calls to say thank you. I love when a child looks at my child after he opens a gift and says, "Thanks!" Personally, I do not need to have a thank you card sent, in addition to a verbal, "Thanks!" but that's just me.

For that reason, I struggle with sending thank you notes for my son's birthday party. I feel like the person receiving the thank you note tosses the contents into the garbage shortly after reading the information. I know, that the parents know, that my son is thankful. Does that count for anything?

Proper etiquette tells me to send a note of thanks. I would leave the act in my son's hands, but he is too young to get through 14 thank you notes. It would no doubt end in tears and frustration. I do not need tears and frustration today.

So, today I will be creating, and filling out thank you notes for a birthday party which occurred last week, even if I don't feel like doing it. At least I will be doing my part to appear acceptable, socially, and for that, I am thankful.


Denise said…
my part to appear acceptable, socially- that is all a thank you card is. i have many i MUST send in order to appear acceptable...want to whip some up for me?
Annie said…
That was such a nice card you sent me thanking me for being your friend. You didn't have to put the part about it being "the highlight of your entire life", but I was flattered.

You're welcome. :)
Jodie Howerton said…
You are speaking my language! I HATE thank you notes...As moms, we need tojust give each other a free pass on this one. I can think of 100 better ways to spend my time..... So glad you illuminated this issue! :)
Becoming Me said…
I so get you. Last year,an extra feature in Disney movie Cinderella asked the question if one must send a thank you note if she thanked the person in person. Guess what the answer was? NO! Now, if it is good enough for Cinderella who am I to question it?

Some of my friends and I have pacts that we don't send thank you cards to each other and often on gifts I give I write in the card "another added gift for you is this "you are free from the thank you note obligation."

That said if I am sending a gift via mail, I do like some kind of confirmation that the gift was received.

Oh, I do the fill in the blank cards too when I feel that someone may not let me off with the Cinderella defense.