Sweet Sleep, or Not

As if I had been struck with something hard against the head, I suddenly realized the situation in which I was standing.

My older children were at school for another two hours, and my two youngest were sound asleep, nestled in the confines of their own beds for a good napping. A rare moment.

What was I doing, mopping the floor. Before that, I decided to diligently dust the blades of the ceiling fan. Preposterous! What mother in their right mind, with two children sound asleep would be cleaning? Evidently this mother.

I have come to realize that my children have an innate sense of smell, much like that of a blood hound or some other type of crime sniffing canine. Let’s suppose for a moment that I were to cozy on my couch with a stack of shiny magazines and mystery novel as opposed to scrubbing and scouring. The repercussions would be dreadful. My sleeping children would no doubt smell my relaxing pheromones, or what ever they are scientifically titled and immediately wake up. Strangely enough, the scent slithers like a foggy mist under their shut doors waning into their nostrils thus causing caffeine like wake up effects which explode any relaxation already in progress.

This pheromone smelling, napping extravaganza also occurs when my husband is home alone with the little ones while they are napping, although it has the opposite effect. I quickly realized that my husband’s body does not radiate the misty, pheromone relaxation aroma. When I return from running errands, he is often found sitting on the couch absorbed in a great novel or enjoying a competitive game on television, with a smile on his face.

“Are they still asleep?” I question. To which he replies, “We are past the three hour mark” Preposterous indeed.

In three months, when my youngest decide to nap again, I will make better relaxation choices. I may even take a nap myself, but that may be too risky.