I am attempting a blog remodel.

I got tired of the green, green, green, and, I am not savvy enough to have a fancy blog which resembles something out of a web design catalog. I am subjected to the templates provided by Blogger.

I have decided, that when I win the lottery, which by the way, I bought a one dollar ticket and won absolutely nothing, I will have a fancy website and top notch blog background. For now, I'll have to try and woo every one of my 16 readers with witty posts instead of design savvy eye candy.

Trust me, when I am able to gather an extra $20,000.00 my blog will have dancing dogs which come to life at the click of the mouse and entertain you. Any post which refers to food will have the exact smell emerge from your computer and waif around your nose. A butler will sit in the corner of the screen, ready to serve your every need with a simple click, and soothing music will serenade your ears as you read each post.

For now, you must endure "Tic Tac Blue" Blogger template. It is not overtly special, but it gets the job done, and it is free. I LOVE free.


Jodie Howerton said…
Definitely hard to beat free...
It looks great! The best part about your blog is the witty design specialist can match that! :)
Annie said…
Dancing dogs? You are so weird. And I love you for it.
Brad Huebert said…
Ha! I've been wishing for more design freedom myself. But hey, we do what we can. Have a great day, Linda!
Sheila said…
Hey, as long as you don't add music I'm happy.

I'm sick of going to blogs and all of a sudden a song blares out because you have the volume set too loud. Then when you've told your children you're just going to run upstairs and throw on a load of laundry, and you go to the computer instead, they catch you because of the noise.

So keep it quiet :).

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Sarah Markley said…
i agree with jodie. =)