My middle mister wanted popcorn for breakfast. I always have a steady supply of microwave popcorn in the cupboard so popcorn was an easy "meal" for me to make. Odd choice, but easy. I figured it was more nutritious than a cold bowl of sugar coated cereal.

Before there was microwave popcorn we had an air popper. It was necessary to melt a cube of butter to cover the puffs since air popped popcorn was so dull and tasteless. I was never a huge fan of air popped popcorn.

My mother, to this day always makes popcorn from scratch. She dribbles a hint of oil inside a deep pot, sprinkles the bottom of the pot with kernels, turns up the heat, and shakes the pot until every kernel is popped. She melts the necessary amount of butter, a lot, distributes it evenly, then tops the fluffy white goodness with salt. There is nothing better than homemade popcorn.

In college we would splash the popcorn with water then shake gobs of Parmesan cheese all over the top. This was a delicious alternative to salt and butter which we assumed to be low-cal. Assumed.

The best popcorn ever, in my opinion, is made at Disneyland. Maybe since I don't get to have it very often it has a great appeal to me. First runner up in the popcorn poll is Target. They do a great job of popping corn, and the $1.00 popcorn combo is the best bargain ever. Movie popcorn is good too, although, I always get a stomach ache after eating movie popcorn because I pour on too much fake butter/butter flavored oil/yellow colored sauce that they call melted butter.

I will not have popcorn for breakfast, however, I do have to make a quick trip to Target this afternoon, and popcorn does make for a delicious lunch choice. If I add a side salad I should cover at least half of the food groups. Half is good, not great, but good.


Denise said…
white kernals, oil popped, on the stove, no butter, sprinkle with lawry's seasoning salt or lemon pepper- this is how i eat popcorn.