Magazine Bliss

I never realized that a little catalog could bring so much joy to an almost 5 year old and a just turned 7 year old. Man!

Today marked the arrival of the Lego Club Magazine . Even though I have never ordered anything from this catalog, it's arrival = a Sharpie pen and tons of black circles.

My two smaller boys spend many minutes, circling and discussing their choice in Lego toys, shouting out their requests as I repeatedly mention, "Your birthday just past" and "Your birthday is coming."

After 7 minutes, the fighting begins as one of the boys circles something the other boy wants, and the seven year old repeatedly commands, "It's MY magazine!!"

The same thing - joy - rules, when my husband receives his weekly Sports Illustrated magazine. However, he refrains from circling six-pack abs and arm muscles the size of a small child, along with other things he desires that cover the glossy pages. No one fights him for a look of his magazine, if fact, we avoid it at all cost.

I don't have a favorite magazine, but I do have a stack of eleven waiting to be read. Eleven. Perhaps it would be wise to open a few and fetch a black Sharpie pen. After all, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and people will be bearing gifts, hopefully.


Denise said…
my son scans the Lego magazine forwards and backwards, disappearing into each little scene, dreaming of the one that will join his collection.

i'm an M.E. fan, so i enjoy Home Companion.

Magazines on a sunny day, reclining next to a lake, as the kids splash in the water... mmmm can't wait for summer!
Brad Huebert said…

Hey, we get that magazine too, but we've requested one for each child to avoid the turf wars. Yes, you can do that.

My tip, free of charge.

Of course, the lego itself is mind-bendingly expensive, which more than makes up for any money you saved by not paying me.
Lisa Diederichs said…
My little secret: Thursday is my favorite day because my guilty pleasure arrives in the mail ... my US Weekly magazine.

So bad ... yet soooo theraputic!