Later, Lunch

It is a good thing that my children have been attending the same school for ten years. I am a fixture on campus whether I want to be or not. I know the staff, the guy who runs the bookstore, the security guard, and the art teacher.

After I picked up my little people who are dismissed at noon, I sauntered through the quad area when I heard my name shouted out from the art cart being pushed by the art teacher. Her daughter is the same age as my oldest boy.

"Linda, during art elective, I saw a crow eating your son's lunch!"

"What the...what?"

"Yea, when I walked outside to switch classrooms, I saw that the crow had pulled out his lunch bag from his backpack and pecked at the contents. It was eaten by the time a saw it"

"What the...really? Is there anything left for him to eat."

(It is ten after 12. My littlest are in full-swing whine mode and just want to go home. My son has lunch at 12:20.)

"The crow ate his sandwich and chips. I also saw it eating his M&M's."
(Now the whole school knows that I slipped some candy inside his luch bag for dessert. I don't think that I care though.)

"So what is left?"

"I think he had a drink, and some candy."

"So, I need to go and purchase him a lunch? He has no lunch?"

"Unless you want him to eat candy and a drink."

Super. This could only happen to me/my son. The crow, out of over one hundred backpacks hanging outside the 5 classrooms, chose my son's backpack. Evidently I make a lunch which satisfies the taste buds of the local crows. Perfect.

I had to buckle up the little kids, drive through somewhere quickly,
the line was FOREVER long, go back to school before 12:20, and deliver the lunch.

Meanwhile, the little kids now want fast food too, they are whining incessantly at my continueous "no, we can eat at home," they don't understand why we have to drive back to school, I have just burned through another 6 dollars, and, I hate crows, crow are dumb, and I hate crows. Note this post.

Just another blogworthy tale, at my expense. Caw, Caw!


Sarah Markley said…
Ah, crows. The plague of SoCal. Too funny. Actually, I think I heard Brenda talking about that the other day. Ha ha.
Denise said…
i wouldn't snatched the lunch for the m&m's!
Denise said…
that wasn't meant to say wouldn't (uugghh!) WOULD HAVE! WOULD"VE! I WOULD"VE SNATCHED THE LUNCH FOR M&M"S (if they were plain, i don't like peanut m&m's..maybe i wouldn't have snatched it??)
Denise said…
I also know that would've, does not have quotations, ugghhh... i need some chocolate!
jennalee said…
I guess the crows at Calvary are getting as bad as the seagulls at the beach. Pretty bold. Glad you were there though.
Linda said…
Oh man. Sorry. It's hard to see you say you hate Crows, though, because my last name is ... Crow. Maiden name? Batt. No joke.
Becoming Me said…
Oh my goodness. What a funny and not so funny story. Birds in general creep me out
You missed the calculation of the gas used to go get the lunch and go back to the school. That makes that lunch more like a $16 lunch (calculation $4 homemade lunch, $6 drive-thru lunch, $6 gas for round-trip)! Sorry for your bad day...DUMB CROW!