Hair Raising

I never imagined that with one girl and three boys I would invest in such a plethora of hair products. When did water stop working as a "bed head" solution?

My daughter is the one who uses the least amount of products while the three boys uses five different types, however, she makes up for her lack of hair product consumption with her make up inventory.

The youngest insists on a faux-hawk (mohawk without the actual shaving of the sides of the head). This style requires a complete water wet down and stiff gel application, followed by a hairspray spritz.

The middle mister likes his a-typical boy style hair, combed over with a side part. He has enough hair to cover six bald heads. After a dousing of water and a few pumps of spray gel to get every hair in the downward position, a small slathering of stiff gel is required to keep the frontal "wave" in proper placement. If the gel step is left out, he returns from school with a head of soft fluffy hair, flat and disheveled. Not attractive, even for a kindergartner.

The oldest boy has always preferred his hair high and tight. A number 8 on the clippers. It is combed down on top, and sits straight up in the front, perfectly spiked. His product choice is pomade. At $10.00 a jar, I bark at him every morning to "please use sparingly." He follows the pomade with a layer of hairspray to insure every hair remains in its proper place - come rain, sleet, or snow.

I would have never guessed that we would be going broke because of hair products, especially with boys. Then again, with a dad who uses name brand shampoo, spray gel, and pomade, I should have seen it coming. I need to be more aware.


Brad Huebert said…
Funny. And scary, as our kids get older and their follicle needs materialize.

I've been warned.
Sarah Markley said…
Yeah...when did my husband have more expensive taste than me in hair products?