Get It Right!

I blew it again. I tried to be more aware, but I blew it.

The little kids and I were sitting inside McDonald's. That is not the "I blew it part." They were happily enjoying their Speed Racer toys as I monitored their food consumption.

A gentleman approached me from behind and slid three packages of stickers in front of me. I turned to him and said "Oh, thank you!" assuming that he was a friendly employee passing out stickers to the young men and women in the restaurant.

As I looked at the stickers further I noticed a little piece of paper attached to the top which read: "I am deaf. Stickers are $1.00. Thank you." My smile was erased, and I shoved the stickers aside.

A voice/the Holy Spirit, told me to give him five dollars, I refused, questioning if the man passing out the stickers was even deaf in the first place. I watched, wanting to catch him in the act of holding on a conversation with someone, but he dashed out before I could accuse.

Five dollars kept ringing through my head as he left. Instead of running after him, I let him go, still convincing myself that he was a "scam artist" who doesn't deserve my five dollars.

I will never know if the deaf man was real, or fake, but I do know, that I have a five dollar bill in my wallet that the Lord told me to give away regardless of what I assumed. I ignored Him. I need to be a better a listener.

I really hope that I get it right next time. Really.


Sarah Markley said…
I totally understand. I've been in the exact same situation and have pushed away the little voice. really. i hate how that feels.
Denise said…
me too, pushed away that little voice too many times. it is funny (not funny haha) that i do, because when i don't there is ALWAYS blessing.