Funnel Cake

I accompanied my fifth grader on a field trip to Knott's Berry Farm - America's First Theme Park. We didn't go for the rides, but for the history, although the students did get to ride on three rides. We visited the Mining Train, Blacksmith Shop, Birdcage Theater, General Store, Old Schoolhouse, and the Log Ride, among other places I cannot remember.

The students enjoyed the trip for the most part, but wanted to ditch the educational aspect entirely and just ride the rides. Understandable.

I knew one thing when I signed up to be a driver on the field trip, I was not going to leave "America's First Theme Park" without purchasing, and indulging in, a funnel cake. My mouth watered all day for this greasy delicacy consisting of deep fried batter swirled into a "nest" and then topped with powdered sugar.

Each time we passed a funnel cake shop, I checked my watch in anticipation of the field trip ending so that I could secretly capture the goodness, grab my fifth grade son, and enjoy some trans fat together.

Other park attendees passed by with their funnel cakes as I stared, and drooled. Some were topped with jam, some strawberries, and others hot fudge.

At the perfect point, while the students were lining up for another ride, I mentioned my motive to my son's teacher, "I need a funnel cake!" She smiled as she looked at me and said, "Unless you want to purchase one for everybody, no funnel cake." I quickly calculated the cost of purchasing funnel cake for 23 students and six adults at $6.99 a pop. I did not have an extra $209.70.

I left, "America's First Theme Park" with no funnel cake rolling around in my belly. In sadness and despair, I settled for a black coffee from Starbucks and noted that the Orange County Fair would be coming to town in July. It is a long wait, but at least they have funnel cake.


Denise said…
i do not like that teacher! no funnel cake!
Linda, you should have asked that teacher for a potty pass, bought one, hidden in some bushes, and gobbled it up!
Lisa Diederichs said…
That teacher is lame! I would have said, "Go for it ... have another mom keep an eye on your group and start eatin' girl!"

Jeez ... we need to support each other in our eating desires!

Jodie Howerton said…
If I were the teacher, I would have totally JOINED YOU! Maybe I would have even used the prospect of funnel cake to lure chaperones....

Seems like she has some control issues.

I mean, why wasn't funnel cake an integral part of the field trip? Seriously, Knott's should include that in the price.