Frank Disappointment

I arrived home after dropping off everyone to school only to discover a backhoe and two city vehicles parked in front of my house. A backhoe! I wanted to rush back to school and gather my two youngest and expose them to my awesome discovery.

I was immediately informed that the fire hydrant, curbside, was debunk and was told that it was being replaced. I motioned the workers to the back yard and told them that after they replace the patches of lawn they were about to remove, they could install the pool in the far right corner of my lot. They laughed.

I couldn't wait for the little kids to come home and see the construction vehicles parked in front of our house. The entire drive home I prepared them for the unbelievable sight. The anticipation grew as we drove closer to home.

When we finally reached our driveway they caught a glimpse of the backhoe. They said nothing. They walked into the house and began playing "restaurant" with their girl cousin. They couldn't be bothered with the events outdoors.

"What about the backhoe?" I questioned. "Don't you want to watch the worker guys outside?"

They wanted nothing, with a capital NO, to do with the worker guys or the backhoe. What happened to my truck lovers? Are they all grown up now and too cool for construction vehicles? Two years ago they would have burst a brain cell if given the opportunity to have a real live backhoe in their front yard. Boys would have gathered from a one block radius to witness the event, and I would have made some extra cash by selling overpriced cold drinks to the onlookers.

Backhoes are now passe. That's sad. The entertainment bar has just been raised.


Brad Huebert said…
Yup. I remember when running round and round a post was ridiculously entertaining for my kids. Now the Wii can get boring. I think we were all better off with Lego.
Sarah Markley said…
we like you linda. and we like backhoes too. we would have been quite impressed.

you would have at least gotten a "TRUCK!!!!!" out of Naomi for sure. =)
Erin said…
hey, I would have been impressed!