Energy Boost

We are surrounded with gimmicks which claim to boost our energy. For me, and old fashioned cup of coffee usually does the trick. Although I read somewhere that caffeine only stays in your system for 30 minutes, many would argue that they are unable to fall asleep if they partake in a caffeinated beverage after 3:00 p.m. On the other hand, I can fall asleep at 10:13 p.m. if I have a cup of coffee at 10:03 p.m.

My own kids have bought into the idea that speciality drinks will bring them more energy. There are hundreds of drinks, loaded with caffeine and other additives, which are supposed to help in the "wake me up" process. Unfortunately my four kids are curious and desire to experience the benefits.

My son was stung by a bee yesterday and woke up with a red, swollen, pinkie finger. My husband gave him Benadryl, and after my son's doctor's appointment he began complaining that he was tired. Benadryl can do that do an almost 12 year old in the middle of the morning, yet it usually had no affect at bedtime. What gives?

On our trip to the drugstore for Zyrtec, he asked for a "Red Bull" energy drink to snap him our of his semi-comatose state. I couldn't say, "no" fast enough.

How did we get through high school and college without energy drinks? I know one way, we didn't have nearly the homework load that students have today, or the stress. I would often pull "all nighters" in order to get art projects completed, and never remember having trouble waking up for class. I vaguely remember "No Doz" but never personally indulged. I guess that I did drink my fair share of Diet Pepsi though.

Since my son was denied the energy drink I loaded his backpack with candy, donuts, Twinkies, and orange soda. That should keep him awake until school gets out at 3:15.

As for me, I think energy is overrated. I love feeling like a mindless Zombie. Can you smell the sarcasm?