Our family, minus my girl, love Caramel Turtle Brownies in a box. They are easy to make and happen to be even more delicious with vanilla ice cream slathered on top. Whipped cream makes this delightful dessert even better.

Since the brownines are quick and easy to make I keep a steady supply of the boxed mix in my cupboard. I decided that the fresh half gallon of Double Vanilla ice cream in the freezer needed a brownie to snuggle with so I baked up a batch. As I flipped the box over to check on the baking time I noted a recipe at the bottom of the box. The recipe was for Caramel-Granola Brownies.

The folks at Betty Crocker thought that if you sprinkle a cup of granola over the wet batter in the pan, this would make for a deliocious alternative to their turtle brownies with Hershey's dutch Cocoa, caramel, and Diamond Walnuts.

FYI Betty, the word granola should never intertwine with the word brownie. I appreciate the suggestion, but please don't mess with my dessert.

Granola should only be consumed while you are wearing hiking boots, carrying a backpack, sporting a pocket knife and compass, and are thinking in your head, "I wonder if I could out run a mountain lion." Thanks anyway.