Shopping With Dad

While I finished scrubbing the bathroom and floors my husband offered to take the three boys grocery shopping. My daughter opted to stay home and continue her litany of excuses as to why she was unable to accomplish anything other than watching television.

I trusted that my husband would happily get through our grocery list. I was anxious to discover how much fun he had taking a gaggle of restless boys on a grocery store outing.

When he finally returned I wasn't worried, just curious.

"How did it go?"
"They were terrible."
[I smiled]
"Welcome to my world. Next time you should take all four of them."
"I promised them that they could choose their own food item if they were good."
"But they were terrible."
"They were just wild. Of course they had a ball."

Here is a list of the items I now have in my cupboards and freezer which Dad allowed them to purchase:
2 boxes of frozen, chocolate chip waffles
2 boxes of frozen mini pancakes
1 box of Strawberry Milk Shake Pop Tarts
1 box of Hostess Cupcakes
1 box of cheese covered Texas Toast
1 box of Apple Jacks cereal

Guess what we are having for dinner tonight? Waffles, pancakes, and Texas Toast. And for dessert? Pop Tarts and Hostess cupcakes. Oooh yummy. We won't need another carb for months.


Sarah Markley said…
I can just hear your voice in ...
"they were just wild" I love it!
Jodie Howerton said…
The grocery store is seriously overwhelming for Mike. If I send him to the store, I have to plan on at least 2 calls from him while he attempts to navigate the aisles...And, our bank account inevitably takes a hit when he's the shopper...
Yummy now, tummy aches later? My kids aren't as lucky with their dad managing a Trader Joe's he knows too much about food choices! YOU HAVE LUCKY KIDS!
Kelly said…
The grocery store is seriously overwhelming for Mike.