All Things Have Their Place

My credit union ATM happens to be inside a Wienerschnitzel fast food restaurant. This poses a problem when I have children with me because inevitably they will request a hot dog purchase or soft serve cone when all I want to do to get my money and go. Note: I am rarely depositing money, just trying to get money.

The last time I went to the ATM I was without children. Errands go much faster when children are not present. (amen?) As I was standing at the machine, I heard a young girl say, "Mommy, look at the cute little dog."

At this moment, I assumed that the little girl was referring to a toy sitting on a table, or a stuffed animal, but NO. To my surprise, there was a family, sitting in a booth with their small, white, bare naked and furry dog sitting right next to them. Hello? Can you say health code violation?

I love dogs. Our dogs have always been house dogs, but, I do not love dogs in restaurants. I do not love dogs in malls either, or grocery stores. Dogs are not a fashion accessory to be worn at all times. There is a place for dogs, and Wienerschnitzel is not one of them.

I will now step down from my soapbox. Thanks you for your time.

Please tell your dog "hello" for me, unless it is too busy choosing snacks from the pet aisle at the grocery store.


Denise said…
AMEN! to the errands kidless, and to a dog free zones.

so a couple years ago we were down in so cal. (irvine, shopping at fashion island- i had a high school reunion to get fancy for :-). So, everywhere i go it's dogs, dogs, dogs! the dogs were done up in clothing, while their owners looked like they had just rolled out of bed, thrown on a moo moo, and large sunglasses.
doggie water bowls outside stores, men walking the little dogs outside nordstroms as their wives spending $265.00 for a top i could have bought at Target for $12.00 (it's demasculating).
and, what if i had brought my lab into one of those stores?? would they have discriminated against my dog? what if i want to dress her up, and take her with me to weinerschnitzel? (i think that would be dedogulating). i think their would be a lawsuit for sure.
shouldn't all dogs be created equal!... i have a dream that one day...
Anonymous said…
What was the location of the Wienerschnitzel where you spotted the dog?
Jodie Howerton said…
Gross. All you need to make Weinerschnitzel more disgusting is dog hair in your weiner....
Becky said…
Ewww. The only dogs in Wienerschnitzel should be of the "hot" variety.