You've Got Mail

My children love to get mail. I don't mean email, I mean old school, snail, USP, mail. They anticipate the holidays when my mother sends a card with a ten dollar bill tucked inside.

I love to get mail. Yes, I check my email regularly, but there is nothing like pulling the mail from the box, skipping through the bills and junk to discover an actual hand written message wrapped around a greeting card, or jotted down on a piece of paper in pen.

I count my blessings since my teenage daughter is not into IM, emailing, My Space, Face Book, or any types of popular electronic conversation. She likes to send text messages, but doesn't overuse her privileges, and rarely uses her mobile phone.

Her favorite way to converse is by sending cards and letters to her friends. Her thought is that if she sends someone a letter, they may respond and send her a letter too, which brings us back to the original fact that she loves to get mail.

Yesterday, she got mail. She was downright giddy when she saw that it was a letter from one of her friends and not an announcement from the church youth group. She thoroughly scanned the words, absorbing what was said, smiling and laughing out loud. When she finished, she retold the information back to me with the same excitement. It was so "Old School" so meaningful. It made an impact.

I miss getting letters. I too love to send an encouraging word in the form of a letter or card, and I love to receive them as well. Don't you?

Grab a card. Get a piece of paper. Find a stamp. Write a note. Make someones day.