Wolves are Waiting

I'm sending my daughter to the wolves. After 10 years of attending the same school, in the fall she will begin her freshman year of high school.

My husband and I attended a parent information night and were shocked that 85% of the information centered around college. I was numb, unable to absorb any information except when to register my daughter, and when she is to take the math placement test. College? Really? Can't we all just think about college when they are seniors?

As an added bonus to the evening and for the enjoyment of the student who were in attendance at the "Parent Information" meeting (why do parents insists on bringing children?) they showed a DVD. This was a re-cap of the previous years activities.

All of the popular kids were highlighted in the DVD as well as the athletes, band members, and pep squad, all of whom my daughter will never be a part of. Tears dripped down my face as I pictured her wandering around at lunch time attempting to "fit in" to some group of students. I pictured her twirling the combination of her locker while vile seniors point and laugh at her choice in shoes. I saw her sitting in Algebra, understanding nothing, yet afraid to raise her hand to ask for help.

I need therapy. At least before September rolls around I will need therapy. If I could just go to school with her for the first week, I can help with the new adjustment. I could make sure that she finds a few friends at lunch time, and help her open and close her locker in the proper amount of time. I could launch dirty looks at the students who mock her outfits, and kick the boys who laugh at her pony tail.

OR, I could stay home where I belong, pray, and trust that God will watch over her every move, and that He will make sure that the smug seniors spill soda all over their new outfits at some point during their first day of school. God has a great sense of humor.


carrie said…
Oh, I know, it is so hard - this wanting to protect them from the world.

My oldest starts middle school next year and I was horrified at the "orientation" for the parents. I am going to need a lot of coffee to get through those first few weeks of worrying!
Erin said…
I have the same feelings about my son starting Kindergarten when we move to Montana...I mean granted, five year olds are generally more accepting than high schoolers, but what if other kids make fun of the way he talks or does things too Texan? Plus he's too small for elementary school, I mean I just tucked him into his crib...I swear I JUST did. I'm probably going to lose my mind when he goes to high school. I feel your pain. I'll pray for your daughter too!
Jodie Howerton said…
I think you should go with her. I'm planning on going to high school with my kids.... :)
Sarah Markley said…
Ughhh, wow. I agree, you should go with her =).

I know - why don't you teach there! That would solve so many problems.
ayates said…
we can cry together. we can also pray together. we can remind each other that god will take care of our daughters. and he will. he always does. thanks for sharing your thoughts. funny....i had all the same ones. moms must be wired the same. god knows our hearts. he will take care of them. i just know it.
Annie said…
Yeah, probably go with her. That would work out PERFECT. :)

She's going to do fine- the Lord WILL NOT ABANDON HER.

Love ya.
Mary Fran said…
The child that I thought would have the most trouble connecting and making friends in high school is now my social butterfly. She has a bazillion friends, everyone loves her, her friends parents love her, her professors love her (she is a freshman in college this year).

Hopefully your daughter will experience what my daughter has!