What's for Lunch?

I hate making lunches. Not that it takes a terribly long time, or that the creativity in orchestrating a superb sandwich trips me up, I just don't love doing it. I would much rather send my children off to school with $2.50 for a hot lunch purchase, but we all know that I would be taking years off of their lives if they consumed those cafeteria lunches more often than once a week or once every other week.

My mother always made me wonderful lunches. At the height of plain wrap chips, and bologna that resembled pressed, packing material, I received Skippy peanut butter sandwiches, Freetos chips, and Ding Dongs. While other kids suffered through tepid milk in their thermos, I indulged in sweetened iced tea.

Since I had such a great lunch packing role model, I should be excited to replicate the love and labor which was poured into my lunches, however, that part didn't transfer in the genetic scheme of things.

Today I'll throw some candy in with the sandwiches. That should make everyone happy. The effort is there, but the pain in carrying out the task of shoving food into a brown paper bag still makes me wince.


Becoming Me said…
I am so with you, I too hate making lunches. It bores me
Sarah Markley said…
I try to make the night before, if I have to. The morning is just too rushed.
Brad Huebert said…

When I make lunches, the sandwiches usually get pretty creative... not candy WITH the sandwiches, but maybe IN them.

Peanut butter with bananas and chocolate chips, now that's the ticket.

I'm counting on the carrots to do overtime on those days.
Jodie Howerton said…
I'm out of creative ideas. Plus I have this little preoccupation with healthy food. My kids are always trying to trade food in their lunches for the ding dongs other kids bring.
Anonymous said…
Hi Linda,

In the public schools I hear you can get 20 years to life for sending candy in a lunch!

Patty Bird