Taste Bud Detour

My taste buds have taken a detour. When I was younger, my all time favorite snack food was cheese puffs. I would crunch them by the gob fulls and end up with delicious tasting orange finger tips. Sucking the cheese dust off the tips of my fingers was the ending bonus when the bag of chips were devoured.

The worst part about the cheese puffs though, was the cheese shelf that developed between my back teeth and my cheek. Reaching into my mouth with my finger to scrape out the speed bump of cheese goo took skill and determination. Once the bump was cleared, I could carry on with my puff eating.

Fritos are now my first choice in salty snack foods, that is, unless there is a freshly made bowl of onion soup mix dip nearby. Nothing goes better with onion dip than Ruffles potato chips. They are sturdy and rarely buckle or crack under the pressure of a thick mixture of onion dip.

I am partial to salty foods, until I find something sweet. My afternoons are set aside for salty, while the evening call is usually something sweet. I love it all, really, unless it has coconut or raisins inside. It is then, and only then, that I’ll settle for my old standby, a cold bowl full of Lucky Charms.


Denise said…
hint of lime tortilla chips, our my favorites. i've been known to drive 30 min. to a grocery store just to get a fix (yeah, i live away from everything). by the time i am back in the car i have eaten 1/2 the bag.
i tend to have nothing yummy in the house, because obviously i have no self-control.
Annie said…
I think my favorite line was "I'm partial to salty foods, until I find something sweet."

I will now eat ice cream in honor of you.
Sarah Markley said…
ohhh beautiful lucky charms.