Sizing Up Sizes

When is a large not a large? When it is from the junior department. I would like to know why I cannot purchase a large t-shirt from the junior department without it fitting like a second skin.

After one washing, the bottom of the shirt hovers near my mid-section and barely covers my stomach. The sleeves creep up to the tops of my shoulder and I have to shove my arms down the inside of the shirt, and push to stretch the sides out enough to hang without causing suffocation.

If I weighed 300 pounds, this would all make sense, however, I do not weigh 300 pounds.

Now, if I purchase a large in the "lady" department, it is fine. The sleeves are the proper length, the bottom of the shirt cover my stomach, and the sides aren't suffocating. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes the t-shirts from the junior department are cuter. I'm not often fond of "lady" t-shirts. I just want something that is cute, and fits. I don't think that is too much to ask.

I think I have a problem with my age. I still think that I am a "junior" even though I am miles from a junior. I need to act my age and purchase clothes that fit even if they are embellished with beaded Lilly-of-the-valley flowers and and the pants are neon green with an elastic waistband, at least I know that they will fit. My children will be embarrassed, but I won't be suffocating. I am all for breathing normally.


Sarah Markley said…
you realize this is just because you are tall! =)

I stopped shopping there a long time ago, not because I wanted to or I felt old, but because nothing fit. I hear ya sister.
Lisa Diederichs said…
I buy a LARGE when I shop at B.P. in the Nordstrom Juniors department too. It always feels GREAT!!!! I love squeezing my double D's into a HUGE, GIGANTIC t-shirt. TMI ... I'm sure ... but what the heck!?!
Hippo brigade said…
My advice is shop in the contemporary department. Like Savvy and TBD in Nordstrom and Y.E.S. in Bloomingdales. This is where I like to shop and it's super cute, although it is slightly more expensive than Brass Plum. But their sizes are more 'lady like' with out looking frumpy.
Jodie Howerton said…
I love this rant! The older I get, the more I think, "Why don't clothing companies make stuff that fits real people!!!" Then I see some of the more "plastic" moms and the 12 years and think, "OK, I get it."
Denise said…
i can't leave the juniors dept. for old lady clothes! i can't!!
nothing fits.
do you have a nordstrom rack, i have found cute tops there, low prices, and junior meets mommys styles.
btw- i never got back to you on the pomegranite burts bees- yes, that is the same thing.