Seasonal Suppers

My husband grew up in a home where summer type food was served the summer and wintry foods were served in the winter. The same applied for fall and spring. I was unaware of this phenomenon since I grew up in a house where tacos were served every Tuesday night and on Sunday evenings after church and payday, we were treated to a bucket of chicken from KFC. There was no thought about the weather.

In my grand attempts to make meals during the week I often need to stop and consider the weather. If the temperature drops below 40 during the evening, salads are not on the menu. Just the opposite applies when the temperature soars to 80 or 90 degrees. On these nights, I tend to avoid my Chicken Corn Chowder creation.

I have learned to adjust to serving thick, hot, meals during the colder seasons and cool, light meals during the warm months. I have even learned to appreciate the thought that cheesy lasagna in mid-August sounds a bit heavy.

With that, I consider tonight's choice for dinner. Since we are supposed to reach the mid 80's by this afternoon, I'm leaning towards serving a taco salad. And, tomorrow when our afternoons only reach 65 degrees, I'll concoct a delicious spaghetti and meatballs. I'm flexible, mostly, unless I'm in a bind, than pizza is the perfect all-weather meal.

Thank goodness for pizza.


Lisa Diederichs said…
Ok, NOT jealous that you have to seasonally cook, but TOTALLY jealous it's supposed to his 80 there today.

Happy cooking!

P.S. I love shrimp salad in ANY WEATHER!
Mel said…
My husband has far simpler rules: No beef, no pork, no vegetables, no tofu, no dairy.

Yeah, that makes it a lot of fun to plan a menu.