Ritual Hiatus

I haven't had a bowl of my favorite ice cream in a week. I love to eat Ralph's/Kroger Private Selection Chocolate Chip ice cream, slightly melted, in a glass bowl, not plastic, topped with whipping cream, but it has been one week since I have enjoyed this rich delicacy.

I cannot tell you that I am dieting, trying to cut out the hundreds of calories that I pour into my body at 9:00 at night, or that I have been sick and avoid ice cream for that reason.

I have been cheating, having an affair with a few other friends from the sugar and sweets category:

Monday: Mud Pie from a restaurant and a chocolate dipped strawberry. (yes, AND)

Tuesday: Napoleon pastry from our local bakery

Wednesday: Peanut butter brownie and few of my favorite cookies topped with a layer of whipped cream

Thursday: Strawberry shortcake from another bakery. My husband surprised me with this amazing treat.

Friday: Chocolate Chip gellato

Saturday: Brownies and my own homemade chocolate chip cookies made with milk chocolate chips instead of the semi-sweet variety.

Sunday: Three chocolate dipped strawberries and two chocolate chip cookies

Monday: Back to my old stand-by.

I hope that my bowl of ice cream isn't mad at me. I am a pleaser. I don't like when anyone or any thing is mad at me.

Right now I am barefoot and eating bon-bons. Really. They are actually called Dibs, but they look like bon-bons. Maybe I should be doing something else, like push-ups.


Lisa Diederichs said…
I think we may be long-lost sisters. We would be LARGE & IN CHARGE if we lived together! But we'd be happy! I love EVERYTHING about this post.
Denise said…
is this profile picture really you, or do you actually weigh in at 500lbs, and are sporting this hot profile picture to whoo us (if you do weigh 500lbs i still like you, but maybe you should cut back on the sweets)?
what a metabolism! i'm a little erked at you now. i ate an m&m and gained 3 lbs!
How do you keep that amazing figure? Please share....