Operation Plant Replacement

I have officially killed my Mother's Day present from 5 years ago. Five years is a long time so I'm not terribly embarrassed.

Since I was extremely pregnant with our fourth child, my husband opted out of clothing purchases at that time, and bought a beautiful Sympathy Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) for me to place in our entry way. I think it had a hidden meaning.

The plant sits on a stand and it is the first thing you see when you open the front door. If the living room is littered with Lego pieces, water bottles, shoes, and pajamas, then, that is the first thing you see.

I don't "feed" the plant, but have watered it consistently since it's arrival. I keep the leaves dust-free, and make sure I apologize to it when my youngest pulls off one of the leaves.

Originally there were oodles of leaves, stems, and white flowers, however only seven remained on Monday, so I ventured out with my Target gift card to make a new plant purchase.

Target is not my first choice for meeting my gardening needs (as if I ever have gardening needs), but the gift card meant that I had no choice. After searching the garden department, attempting to describe the plant to the cashier in hopes of locating it, I found it, tucked in the front of the section, with other indoor plants, small and lonely. Because of its size I would need to purchase two in order to fill my large empty pot at home.

I gleefully grabbed the first plant and hollered to the cashier, "I found it, here it is!" I was glad that there were two and not just one. At that moment a women standing at the front of the store, 20 yards from where I was standing, darted over to my area and grabbed the second plant off of the stand, avoiding all the other plants sitting on the rack. This was the second plant that I needed. She looked at the price, and confused, I glared at her. I put the first plant in my cart and was disappointed because I really needed two plants.

The woman turned the plant to look for the price. "Eight ninety-nine. Is the price?" She asked me. "I don't know, I haven't checked," I replied. "I only have one plant and I need two." With that, she handed me the plant and said, "Oh, you can have this one."

And so my purcahse was made. My plants look lovely. People are odd. Plant grabbing, question asking people, are odd.


Becoming Me said…
Very funny. I am sorry about you losing your plant but congrats for keeping it alive for five years. Mine all die within 5 days
Sarah Markley said…
people are weird. I agree.