My Friend from Baskin-Robbins

While some may question the value of blogging I say blogging rules. For the writer, blogging is great discipline - like practicing piano scales if you are a pianist, for the complainer, blogging results in free ice cream. Is there anything better than free ice cream?

Gary from corporate read my complaint post about my local Baskin Robbins not offering One Dollar Scoop Tuesday and changing the dollar amount to $1.99.

Not only is Gary mediating the issue, he wrote a very kind note and sent me $15.00 in gift certificates. The gift certificates arrived on my birthday. He has impeccable timing.

I love ice cream. I love free ice cream even more.


Annie said…
You are so powerful.
Becoming Me said…
Wow! Good for you girl!
Jodie Howerton said…
You rock!

Just read an ancient Chinese proverb,,," When sleeping women wake, mountains move!" Way to move those mountains, Linda!
Mel said…
That is totally awesome. I bow to your power.
Erin said…
Phew, close one...I was planning on boycotting the BR and no one in my state of late gestation should be boycotting ANY ice cream establishment!