Mail Carrier Confusion

This week our mail carrier decided to arrive at 10:00 am instead of 1:00. For the past 9 years he has always arrived at, near, or around, 1:00.

I make a point to offer Eli the mail carrier, soda, water, or Gatorade during the hotter months of the year, and if I am out near the front yard I meet him at his truck to collect my mail so that he doesn't have to open the box and place the mail inside. I figure that I save him a good 3 seconds.

I do not like our mail carrier arriving at 10:00. I feel like I am going to miss some mail that was supposed to arrive, but will be kept over to the following day. I assume that the magazine which I typically expect on Wednesday won’t arrive until Thursday. Normally I can throw a letter in the mailbox by noon, and know that it will get picked up that same day. Now I have to make sure it get in the mail box by 9:00.

I’m a creature of habit. I enjoy schedules, calendars, and clocks. This week I am all mixed up. I am not fond of feeling mixed up. I hope that the mail time switch is temporary. Maybe Eli is on vacation and the substitute carrier likes to arrive early. I’ll have to scold Eli for taking a vacation, the next time I see him, but I’ll be sure bring him a soda too, to soften the blow.


Becoming Me said…
I too like for my mail to arrive at a consistent time.